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Alright, you got a great idea. You got together with few of your friends and built a prototype. You’ve launched your prototype and have started getting some traction from the marketplace. Time has come to attract capital so that you can fast track the growth through product and business development.


How do you go about and attract the capital? What are the sources? You’ve heard about Angels Investors.What do Angel investors look for? How about learning this from a person who helps promote the pipeline of Angel Investors?


Investment is only part of the story. How about getting advice and mentorship? There are many accelerators who provide the seed funding and mentorship, as they incubate the newly formed startup. What aspects do they look for in a startup to decide on investing in your company? How about learning this from a leader in an organization that has helped over 7000 organizations?


Natural progression in a startup that is growing per the expectations of founders and investors is the very first series of venture fund – Series A funding. By the time a firm is ready for series A, what other criteria does the team/firm need to meet? How about learning this straight from an expert?


All of these questions and more are natural. That is why TEx Ventures, which was formed to help mentor, fund and accelerate the formation and growth of startups all the way up to Series A is organizing a workshop for budding Entrepreneurs. The first of our Catalyst Series will be happening on October 29 at 477 Richmond Street West in Toronto. As part of this workshop,we have put together a great panel on Financing Your Dream, where Yuri Navarro, Executive Director of National Angel Capital Organization, Scott Bowman the Senior Director at Futurepreneur and Qasim Mohammed an Analyst with OMERS Ventures will be sharing their insights.


Seats are limited. To participate, visit our registration page:

By Dr. Chock Karuppaiah, Co-Founder, TEx Ventures

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